BlackBerry Classic vs Using the iPhone 6 Plus | Using Blackberry 10

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Let’s talk about the blackberry classic – I love this phone, full qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, blackberry OS – blackberry 10, bbm and so much more.

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37 Comments on BlackBerry Classic vs Using the iPhone 6 Plus | Using Blackberry 10

  1. BlackBerry is superior at performing a phones primary functions such as calling, texting, emailing, bb10 o.s is also superior at web browsing and file magement. iphones were pivotal in implementing the camera/app portable entertainment revolution. wish my BlackBerry was more like an iphone, wish my iphone was more like a BlackBerry. there are benefits to having the keyboard, shortcuts being the most important. utilising shortcuts makes your device quicker than anything else on the market, it's lack of user knowledge that makes it slow. having the keyboard sacrifices the phones ability to excel in media consumption.

  2. A BlackBerry is NOT just a work phone. I have Netflix on my BlackBerry Passport and it works flawlessly. Also you can have snapchat and an other of the popular apps. I wish people would do their homework before giving so called BlackBerry reviews. Sigh.

  3. Stephanie good video : Blackberry leaps iPhone and Android on HUB email , best file manager period , Cloud Apps ( One Drive , Dropbox , Box ), Best QWERTY keyboard period , Remember / Evernote App , BBM ( the best secured messenger app ) , Storymaker , ViSS compression video share , security and much more but for Apps : iGRANN = Instagram , Twitter APPS on Blackberry are robust ( BLAQ ) , FACE10 = FaceBook , Messenger 10 = Facebook Messenger , Skype , Dater for Tinder = Tinder , Fastube = Youtube , Business & Bank Apps are Robust on the Classic , and if you have 15 mins you can easily download the SNAP App store which gets you more Google Play store apps. So you can be very very social on the BlackBerry Classic , Passport and LEAP phones but most of all very very productive . You have to try the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition !

  4. I have a Blackberry Classic as my daily driver and I love it. I get Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook which is all I really need in terms of social media. It is definitely a workhorse phone. My productivity in the office and in life has increased since I got rid of my huge galaxy note! :)

  5. for apps , google snap it will allow you to use some android apps but as its not a android they may or may not work but my passport is the fastest phone ive ever had , i didnt want the classic bcz i thought it would be too small but after seeing it in your hands it looks like a tablet , anyway , cheers.

  6. I'm getting so fucking annoyed with my iPhone but I'm too broke to get another phone. I reaaaalllyyyyyy want the blackberry classic. only apps I use are kik, whatsapp, and Facebook. I also need good picture editing apps but that's about it. I can get that on the blackberry.

  7. On one hand, you're right, it's not a fair comparison to compare the Classic to the iPhone 6 plus. One is a media phone, the other is a workhorse device. While I appreciated the enthusiasm you showed in your video, what I don't understand is why you didn't specify things like call quality, battery life, ease of use, etc. The hub on BlackBerry is such a productivity tool, there's nothing out there available on iOS, android or windows phone that comes close to it for efficiency, it is available though on the Priv which is BlackBerry's own android device.
    I use a BlackBerry Passport as my one and only phone. Yes I do have instagram on it (android version) but there are third party apps available for bb10 as well if you look. I don't miss the lack of apps from other platforms because the pros far outweigh the cons with owning a BlackBerry. I'd much rather own a phone that does the major things well, instead of a phone that does a lot of things mediocre. If you really want to own a phone that could easily replace your iPhone, get the BlackBerry Priv. It is android, has all the apps you need, has equal or better battery life than your iPhone, has a keyboard, better screen, great camera, and beefed up security. it simply ticks the right boxes. Good luck.

  8. I keep wondering why she is trying so hard to convince anyone watching that the BlackBerry is only a work phone. She says it over and over like it only does email and phone calls. I accidentally tried a BlackBerry Z30 because I was so tired of glitchy android and freaking bored of the same iphone apple keeps releasing for the last 7 years! (not to mention sucky and I mean sucky battery life on both). I have gone over to BlackBerry full time (Passport now) and in no way miss ios or android. The gesture based os is addictive and intuitive and the hub! Omg! The hub! Is the greatest thing ever. Find a way to try this phone out people! You have to use it for more than 30 seconds to really get it. And yea, you can get pretty much any app you want now days, but all they do is mine your location, contacts and what you browse. Everyone will be sorry very soon for the trade off you give out for those stupid apps.

  9. Someday, YouTube is going to place a mandatory guideline that the videos on their page have to actually be easy to watch, made well, and this woman's eyebrows are freaky.
    I can't imagine having a conversation with her for longer than 20 seconds.

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