BlackBerry Classic Vs BlackBerry Passport Full Comparison

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Here is our comparison of the BlackBerry Classic Vs BlackBerry Passport.
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23 Comments on BlackBerry Classic Vs BlackBerry Passport Full Comparison

  1. I would have preferred the classic but unfortunately, it was sold out never to be replenished in my country and I managed to get the last passport available island wide. Please not though, whatsapp is dropping support and there's no guarantee of future whatsapp usage. I hope BB looks into this or else, it's bye bye BB for good. And yes, like Raj said, the keyboard on the passport does cause cramps. It's really just not convenient. Have the time, I'm just trying not to drop the phone while typing. The classic design is still the best imho.

  2. the blackberry classic is also named as the Q20 a little upgrade from the Q10 you know the screen of the classic is a little bigger (3,5 inch vs 3,2 inch) and it has the "bolt and curve buttons" i love my classic and well it only got 1.5GHz dual core but you know it is fine for blackberry i mean the phones are made for bussiness like texting,internet,etc not for games or something

  3. Rubbish review. The passports keyboard is wider and easier to use. Enabling scrolling via the keyboard is better than having a button that does the same. The classic isn't wide meaning webpages suck. Who has a smart phone for videos? I browse way more than I watch videos.

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