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BlackBerry Bold 9790 review by Phones 4u. RIM has presented their new BlackBerry Bold mobile, the 9790. Running on BlackBerry OS 7, the Bold 9790 has loads of great features including BBM, an integrated Facebook app, and fast web browser.

There are also loads of apps available to download from BlackBerry App World, allowing you to customise your phone. The QWERTY keyboard that’s nestled beneath the touchscreen provides dual controls for navigation, while the 1GHz processor under the hood keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Images and videos can be taken via the 5MP camera, and the media player on board will fulfil all your musical requirements.

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18 Comments on BlackBerry Bold 9790 Review – Phones 4u

  1. Can I download the facebook messenger in this phone and use the messenges like with samsung Galaxy III I can make phone call for free sent pictures etc. if yes tel me how please. thank you

  2. Hey there

    Although the introduction is quite presenter-heavy, from about 0:30 onwards there are plenty of shots of the handset. Apoloiges if you didn’t get that far first time round, but just forward the video on a bit to see close-ups of the handset.

    Hope this helps.

    Dan N

  3. Hey Danny.

    The Bold 9790 is actually the newer device, however the Bold 9900 is the flagship unit of the two. It has the higher resolution display and a slightly more powerful processor. Both handsets are the very peak of the Bold range though.

    If you have any other issues please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


    Dan N

  4. Hi there

    Thanks for getting in touch. The BlackBerry OS 7.1 update has been rolled out to the Bold 9790, however whether or not it is available for your device depends on who your network provider is and what region you are in. For a definitive answer I would recommend contacting your network provider to find out if you can update.


    Dan N

  5. DAMN she is cute! Caught me completely off guard since when I clicked on '9790 review' I was expecting a fat hairy white guy or little Harry Potter school kid doing this review!

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