BitTorrent Inc. introduces video and music streaming service BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Inc. introduces video and music streaming service BitTorrent Now

On Thursday, BitTorrent Inc. introduced music and video streaming service BitTorrent Now. The service is for iOS, Android, the web, and Apple TV.

BitTorrent Now allows content creators to choose whether their audio or video files should be included in the ad-supported (free) or ad free (paid) offer. The service also promises to give them the 70% of the revenue made from ads on their videos, to go along with the 90 percent they already receive from items being a paygate. The company goes on to say about 30,000 artists have released content with the old BitTorrent Bundle program. These include music, video clips, movies, and series.


“One of the best things that we’ve seen over the course of building this project, and one of the things that make me mad optimistic about creativity as a whole, is that some of the most streamed and most downloaded projects are from independent collectives,”

says Straith Schreder, BitTorrent’s VP of creative initiatives.

“Being able to shine a light on some of these creators [and giving them] agency to connect with a passionate global base of film and music fans is really important.”

Users also have the option to make content available offline without additional cost. The service now does not work with the well-known peer-to-peer technology from the company, but mostly just with clients and servers. This is to let the whole system run more smoothly in the beginning of the life of the service. In the future, BitTorrent Now will actually start using the BitTorrent technology.


The move will now let BitTorrent Inc. compete with services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and also Netflix  because it offers both audio and video.

At the moment the service is only accessible through the Android app and browser. The iOS app and Apple TV version will come soon in the future, but no specific date is known yet.


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