Bezel-free displays and pixel-packed cameras in Sony’s Xperia X and XA phones

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We take a closeup look at Sony’s two new Android phones, the Xperia X and XA, two mid-range handsets with slick design and solid specs.

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34 Comments on Bezel-free displays and pixel-packed cameras in Sony’s Xperia X and XA phones

  1. i think its a brilliant move to make your lower end phone look sexy but has cost savings by cutting down some specs, not everyone can buy a 700 or 800$ smartphone i am using a k3 note around 200$ and personally i think its stupid to spend 800$ on phone 350$ max.

  2. I want SONY to manufacture BASIC MUSIC phones which created a sensation in 2005 – 2008, with walkman facilities. Those phones were cheap with amazing music quality, bass and sound effects. Here in India people can’t afford these hi-fi expensive phones as their salary is not so flexible like US and Europe. No doubt, your music quality in every phone is remarkable and I feel there is no other company developing a phone that gives such music quality. Think about common people. I used W350 phone for 3 years and then it broke in unfortunate event. 🙁
    Sony phones are too far expensive to be afforded by normal work class people. They should come out with basic phones which can be from Indian 3000/- to 5000/- rupees with walkman and memory card facility.

  3. nothing about xperia x performance? phone with 820 and it's a midrange device..
    clearly the best phone on MWC 2016…and bye the way look for other job you ain't know shit about smartphones!

  4. I'll never buy a Sony Xperia after my Z3c broke down for no reason
    I read some reviews and everyone's comment is the same Sony Xperia devices aren't reliable as you would have thought
    Great Design Good Software except the camera app but poor reliability

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