Best Phones Ever – Top 8 Best Phones of All Time!

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Best Phones Ever – Top 8 Phones of All Time!

This is a video in honor of all the great phones that have changed the world. The Best Phones Ever. There is no other way to describe it. These devices have influenced millions of lives across the globe during the last for decades.

The Top Phones Of all Time are:

1. Motorola DynaTac 8000
2.Motorola MicroTAC series
3. Motorola StarTAC
4. Nokia 3310
5. iPAQ Compaq Blackberry
6. Motorola Razr V3
7. Apple iPhone
8. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

In our opinion these are the Best Phones Ever. Let us know which was your first mobile phone. And which do you think is The Best Phone In the World.

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45 Comments on Best Phones Ever – Top 8 Best Phones of All Time!

  1. Why is the iPhone 6 in here, it was just bigger and yes it's a great phone but the iPhone 4s should have been the last phone because of Siri the virtual assistant, but if Siri wasn't the first virtual assistant just tell me.

  2. I'm an android user, and I enjoy the operating system. But am I supposed to kiss it's fucking ass? Damn you people get fucking pissed off at one glance of a fucking iphone. If someone prefers iPhones who gives a fuck? Enjoy your own OS and stop fucking complaining. Goddamn some fucking people.

  3. when i see the price of the iphone vs iphone6+ i now think steve jobs was an amazing person and tim cook can take it in the ass by a donkey for all i care for the greed bag of a billionare.

  4. Dude the all phones is great it's not metter how his look how his work but we have change the world…No need to say what phone next year or nexted year change the world it's now changed of phones revolution.Obviously i have IPhone 6 but I have a problem I charge him but his not got 24 hours and his just die and I need to charge 1 day ,other day it's not good.My dad sayed when the game phones wasn't real eased his haved a Nokia and it's good phone.Charge him and his month works.Now my dad have IPhone 6.I don't want to say u don't buy a new gaming phone.U don't have a console or computer than why buy new phone if his not heavy or good?Firsters Nokias has not good looking but they have what need people to call or message.Now all say.U have Nokia 3310 it's losers phone I'm have Samsung 6 edge.If I was this situation I sayed for him firsters phone has faster and heavy,mini and all the ways good.

  5. Apple does not invent. They stopped inventing since Steve Wozniak the co-founder left Apple. Second, though I'll absolutely admit the first iPhone was revolutionary it was not innovative nor was it the first smart phone. Third, to not have the HTC G1 or G2 is an absolute crime. Those phones set the bar and standard for what Android phones try to be today. Finally, the iPhone 6 plus? We stand at a much better situation than that overrated piece of tech. I am not sure when this video was made, but the HTC 10 absolutely destroys the iphone in every performance other than the camera. Apple is currently 4 years behind Samsung as far as specs. If you wanted to show were we stand why not put out the best? If you are an Apple fanboy(which I'm not saying you are) you could've at least put it with a Samsung Galaxy, LG G series, HTC One series, One Plus series, definitely the Nexus series.

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