Best new phones 2016 Sony Xperia Z6

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Sony turned it all around with the Xperia Z5, making up for the lacklustre Sony Xperia Z3+ with a far more stable phone. It also benefited from one of the best fingerprint scanners we’ve seen on a handset and a camera upgrade that made for much clearer photos.

Yet we can’t help but feel that Sony could have done even more. There are still missing features and undercooked specs and there’s only so many times the company can wheel out essentially the same design, even if it has been increasingly polished.

It’s a tough market right now too. If Sony wants to sway people away from the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, HTC 10 – and the upcoming iPhone 7 – it needs to make the very best phone it can.

But making the best phone it can might mean ditching the Z line altogether, as Sony currently seems a lot more focused on the Xperia X range and it’s unclear whether we’ll get a Sony Xperia Z6 at all.

Cut to the chase

What is it? Sony’s next Z-branded flagship
When is it out? Not before late…

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  1. Z3+ isn't lackluster, Z5 is less stable due to the overheating snapdragon 810, fingerprint scanner is poor and nowhere near "best", photos are extremely grainy not "clear" in indoor to low light situations due to tiny pixels on the 23mp camera with no OIS system.

    And the "Z6" doesn't exist, Sony publicly discontinues the Z series months ago.

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