Best Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks

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Top tips and tricks for the Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 has plenty hidden features that I unfold in this video.

Best tips and tricks for Galaxy S6:

1 Power saving mode with black and white display turned on for saving more battery while using all apps

2. Keyboard shortcuts – pre defined messages on number button on the stock Samsung keyboard

3. Angular fingerprint sensor method – store your fingerprint angular so that you can unlock it in an angular fashion without having to keep the phone straight everytime you want to unlock

4. Long press the recent apps and the home key to launch multi window and google now respectively

5. Apply exclusive Galaxy S6 themes to your phone to get a new look everyday

6. Quick Glance – hover your hand over the phone to see what notifications have come on your phone without touching your phone at all.

7. Accept and Reject calls by just saying ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’.


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