Best Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks (Hidden features)

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Top tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5

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The Galaxy S5 has plenty hidden features that I unfold in this video.

Best tips and tricks for Galaxy S5:

1 Power saving mode with black and white display turned on for saving more battery while using all apps

2. Keyboard shortcuts – pre defined messages on number button on the stock Samsung keyboard

3. Angular fingerprint sensor method – store your fingerprint angular so that you can unlock it in an angular fashion without having to keep the phone straight everytime you want to unlock

4. Write with anything on the S5 screen – with increased touch sensitivity turned on, you can write with a pen or a pencil or anything else.

5. Settings view – you can change the view of the settings panel by toggling between list view and tab view

6. Hide apps – in the app drawer to have a cleaner and more organized app drawer

7. Speed up your home key – go into S voice…

40 Comments on Best Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks (Hidden features)

  1. mobiscrub, thank you so much for this video. Yes I am (probably) the last person that could not find the snapshot screen pic feature. I've asked 2 years and all anyone know was how to do it on an iphone.
    I was wondering if anyone knew of which app that can record phone calls while useing a Bluetooth; or if there's a secret setting I'm missing. Thanks you so much. Happpy holiday weekend ?

  2. you know when you have a password in your phone, and there's that emergency call option. is there any way to get rid of it? cause i always click on it on accident

  3. Hej, i would like to know how can I lock the folders, messages, photos etc? Can you explain me or make a video if possible?
    Also can you tell me how to use proper camera features like HDR, Pro, Panorama etc? Thanks in advance.
    I just got my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and i would like to know those things. ;)

  4. did you no if u go into about device tap on android version until the lollipop appears then do a long press on the purple colour a game appears android version of flappy birds if keep touching the lollipop it changes colour

  5. thanks bro. i have question my phone is S5 4.4.2 and i need to update him to 5.0 and always go to about device then i chose system update i cant find update ?Is there any problem in my phone

  6. how i can the menu the same as the S4? if i push on the left hidden key that i becomes the setting menu's now i become apps. and the middle taste button By S4 if you hold it in then you can close all the apps what running in the background. by S5 i become google voice. how i can install it that the setting buttons the same as S4 have? and last point question. why can the S4 more things then the S5? the S5 have only 2 sonsors on the front. the S4 have 3 sensors. why is that?

  7. I tried the 'increase touch sensitivity' feature but it doesn't seem to work at all for using a pen… It didn't seem to make any difference at all… I could not use a pen to navigate the screens at all!!

    And, what would be the point in taking a screenshot of your home screen? Why would anyone want to do that?

  8. I increased the sensitivity but cannot write anywhere on my phone. My notepad app is called "MEMO" and I cannot write on it either. Are you using a special app? my phone is a Galaxy S 5 from AT&T

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