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Best free apps 2015. My favourite free apps on android and ios mobiles this month. These free mobile games (apps) are awesome! Thumbs up for best free apps! SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS:

Best free android and iphone apps this month:
Jelly Jump iOS:
Jelly Jump ANDROID:
Silly Sausage iOS:
Silly Sausage ANDROID:
Swordigo iOS (paid):
Swordigo ANDROID (free):
One More Line iOS:
One More Line ANDROID:…

42 Comments on BEST FREE APPS MARCH 2015 (ANDROID & iOS)

  1. Thanks for these videos Elly! Really thank you!

    Also seeing you always happy, always laughing, always fun, it motivates with my life, I don't know, just thank you for these videos, and for the way you're, and continue always happy and funny as you are.

    Thank you, you are osom!

  2. Hi Elly if you have a chance download mr jump it is a free and hard game but it is addicting as well let me know if you get and let me know what you think and it is only on the App Store 

  3. Elly! Elly! I got an idea! Every time you do a best free apps month, you should this thing called an awesome meter. From 0 to 10! It should be pixelated. BTW, my high score in jelly jump is 94. I can't get passed it. :)

  4. You should try Hoppy Frog. Its for Android and IOS devices and its very addicting. Also they recently released Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape and that one has more obstacles and more characters to unlock and even more fun. 

  5. Just downloaded Jelly Jump, F THAT GAME. Worse than Cat Mario. No way to save your level wouldn't be so bad if there was a fun mode where you could remove or slow down the black water. Cat Mario didn't have ads that took over your screen in the middle of playing either lmao

  6. "Swordigo", I'm pretty you Did made a review for that game but for IOS an it was like 3 year ago! Also noted you about the Android version just about year an posted on your Facebook page.

  7. Elly, it doesn't matter what your videos are about, you always bring them to life and make them entertaining to watch! Keep on tasting snacks, reviewing apps and being completely random! I honestly don't know how YouTube would do without you!☺????
    P.S You should taste test cereals or other breakfasts foods from different countries. Or just anything from Britain, as we delicious stuff like Worcester Sauce crisps or Marmite! – 'Keep calm & carry on'? , more like "Watch Elly and be Awesome"!!! 

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