Best Free Apps for the iPhone 6S – Complete List

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Watch this video to see the Best Free iPhone 6S Apps. From the Best Utility Apps to the Best Apps to Save Money while Shopping, this list has all the Apps you need for your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus!
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Chapter 1, Web & Browsing Apps: 0:22
Chapter 2, Utility Apps: 4:18
Chapter 3, Social Media Apps: 14:07
Chapter 4, Google Apps: 17:55
Chapter 5, News & Sports Apps: 20:37
Chapter 6, Shopping Apps: 22:38
Chapter 7, Reward & Money Saving Apps: 29:01
Chapter 8, Reference Apps: 40:56
Chapter 9, Travel Apps: 44:58
Chapter 10, Keyboard Apps: 46:13
Chapter 11, Health & Fitness Apps: 47:02
Chapter 12, Video & Book Apps: 48:56
Chapter 13, Music Apps: 50:21
Chapter 14, Weather Apps: 52:04
Chapter 15, Summary: 53:18

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44 Comments on Best Free Apps for the iPhone 6S – Complete List

  1. Overdrive is a great app for checking out audio and ebooks from your local library to be accessed from your iPhone. I enjoy being able to download audio books for free to listen to when I travel.

  2. There's a cool app called the hunt.the hunt is a grate app if you see something and you wanna buy it you take a picture post it and people find it for you even if your not following them

  3. Ur voice is like a robot maybe try to stop putting a expression on and u will get more subscribers!!!!do u see you tubers putting expressions on well the one with millions of subscribers

  4. Hi Appfind, I like your thoughts on best free apps for the Iphone 6/. Wondering if you also do reviews for marketing apps. Since 2016 is the year for mobile marketing, we developed a cool app for small businesses to market to their customers. The messages are sent by text and because 98% of people read texts, its a great marketing tool for agents. Would love your comments on this app that is already used by hundreds of businesses :

  5. Fantasic….good choice of apps u have selected and explained. Regarding Money Saver app I suggest Wally App which is doing pretty cool also

  6. this was a great video, and u have a good voice for commercials and advertising. im surprised that i had enough free time to watch this but whatever. definitely downloaded so many more apps.

  7. I am not one given to hyperbole, so please accept this as an extreme compliment when I say that this is the best, most informative, most valuable YouTube video I have ever watched. How was my clumsy attempt at hype?

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