Best Leveling No Hack! Fastest Way to Level Up!

Video is ready, Click Here to View × is a highly addictive browser game that adds guns and an RPG-esque leveling up system to the (already fun) massively multiplayer blob on blob action of Check out some gameplay in our video! We also give a few tips for beginners, as well as de fastest way to level up! Don’t forget to like, leave a comment and subscribe! ­čÖé

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38 Comments on Best Leveling No Hack! Fastest Way to Level Up!

  1. wtf u are such like a worst player in the world please guys if you are newbies fojt listen to this noob at start u should level up all bullet stuff. Never upgrade body damage ( except for few classes).´╗┐

  2. Fastest Way To Get Killed By Other Tanks ! <<<<——- That video`s name must to be this.

    Fastest Way ( My opinion) is this.

    1-Shoot a yellow block
    2-Upgrade bullet damage and reload
    3-Shoot more yellow and red blocks
    4-Upgrade Bullet Speed&Bullet Damage&Reload&Bullet Penetration To max level (try to do this)
    5-After upgrading those, upgrade Health Regen and Max health to 3lvl
    6-─░f u want to be fast, Be a flank guard.And after Tri-Angle and after Booster
    7-─░f u want to shoot so fast and lots of bullets, be a machine gun and after (i dont remember its name just its got 4 guns)
    8-─░f u want to be a sniper, Be sniper after assault.
    9 HAVE FUN :D´╗┐

  3. add 2 point to your damage to one hit the yelow boxes, and then some bullet penetration and more speed, after that add anything you want depending on your class. CMIIW´╗┐

  4. Bruh I can get maxed in a lot less time without upgrading reload, movement speed and body damage. The way you did stuff is how i played my first time and died so much.´╗┐

  5. C'mon guys! Cut this guy some slack. So what if you don't like it? You actually do level up very fast. It might not be the best tactic but lets face it, just bumping into people instantly kills them.´╗┐

  6. what? why should i shoot my gun to get the thingy's that are floating around? Let me just upgrade the shittiest things and bump into the things, that makes me slower, does damage, i don't get as much thingys, but hey it's a GREAT tactic´╗┐

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