Best Cases for BlackBerry Z10 – Top 5 BlackBerry Z10 Cases

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All available here: US – UK – These are the top 5 cases for the BlackBerry Z10 available from the UK release date of the phone. Cases like the OtterBox Commuter will become available in time and I will re-do this list at a later date.

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25 Comments on Best Cases for BlackBerry Z10 – Top 5 BlackBerry Z10 Cases

  1. I had the last one, dropped it and a little bit chipped on the edge, since the case does not have any protection on the sides. The chip quickly turned into a totally cracked screen and became useless. I got a new one and now use the wooden one, with all around protection.

  2. I droped it on time… was the only that I need to smashing it out. Fall face down and it´s over. Now I have to buy the LCD+TouchDigitizer combo. The SCREEN it´s perfect, but the digitizer (crystal/front) it´s totally cracked.

  3. I love the barelythere2.0 case…when I get this phone i really would love to get that case, not only because of that wooden look on the back but that lip raised over the screen, I'm quite paranoid with dropping my blackberries

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