Best Case for iPhone 6s/6s Plus? Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid!

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Here is my review for my favorite or best case for the Apple iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus! Perfect protection in a slim form factor and premium feel for a great price! Best budget case for people who want it all! Subscribe for more!

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25 Comments on Best Case for iPhone 6s/6s Plus? Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid!

  1. I have this case and its a solid case offers great protections.

    The downside is the case is very slippery its hard to hold on to I purchased the all black one. Volume button sometimes dont work they glich.

    My favourite case is the spigen ultra hybrid clear case with air cushion technology, my reason its clear it displays the phone better offers great protection from drops. Does not add bulk

  2. The Thin Fit Hybrid and the Ultra Hybrid are my 2 favorite cases. The redirected speaker on the TFH is one of its best features. The Ultra Hybrid is the best clear case I've ever used. I also have a Ringke Rebel and a Magpul Field Case which are my favorite single piece cases.

  3. Good video and like the fill and look of the spigen tough armor tech so I'm looking forward to getting this one also. EBay has a authorized dealer that has this case from $13.99 – $15.99. All colors are available. And I bought my spigen tough armor tech from them also.

  4. This looks really interesting.
    I've tried so many cases for the iPhone 6 and all of them have been found wanting.
    My main bugbear is the area of lip below the Home Button/above the Charging Port.
    If that is saggy/flimsy, or can be easily moved when operating the Home Button, or the Touch Screen, then it's a total deal breaker for me..

  5. does this case make your screen protector lift off from the edges? Im planning on getting an anti-glare one soon and wanted to pick this case up as well

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