Best Camera: iPhone 5 vs HTC One – Soldier’s Tech Battlefield

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This week on Soldier’s Tech Battlefield, Mark compares pictures, videos, and software for the camera of the iPhone 5 and the new HTC One!

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28 Comments on Best Camera: iPhone 5 vs HTC One – Soldier’s Tech Battlefield

  1. Cameras are really one of the parts that people are looking forward to in a smartphone. These gadgets were not able to improve their lenses dramatically but some were able to enhance them to make them look better than the rest. This is a good review because it shows which company exerted the extra effort and which did not.

  2. Elementary my dear Watson! Great review! You solidified what I had already thought, iPhones suck and are over-priced! I have an HTC Rezound, and it's better imo than the iPhone 4s and i5! My two-year old phone has a better screen and has Beats, better camera/camera effects than that icrap! Again, GREAT review Mr. Watson!

  3. Best quality camera is the nokia 808 pur view or the lumia 1020 , compared to all these two are the best but for the smart phones i think consecutively are samsung s4, iphone 5 then htc

  4. I have the HTC One, and I have no complaints with the camera. It takes awesome photos in low light, and looks nice in bright daylight. Unless you plan or blowing your pictures up to MUCH larger sizes, I would highly recommend the HTC One. That's just my personal experience, so make your own decision. Hope this made your decision a little easier!

  5. someone please help me. I really don't know which phone to choose! iPhone 5, Htc One or Samsung Galaxy S4?? I tihnk I'm going towards HTC ONE but I want to have the phone with the best camera!

  6. Lmao don't even get me started on root.. I'm just talking stock out the box since 99% of the user base isn't going to root/jailbreak lol.. and no chance your handful of winterboard themes is even on the same level as the root community. OC/UV kernels and custom roms jailbreak hacks.

  7. You can customize iOS better than android,If you jailbreak it. 🙂

    Check out this video and see the power of jailbreaking :







  8. What do I need more? Let me tell you.

    I get mad when I buy a new android and haven't rooted it yet and I can't delete the stock browser or launcher, etc. I can't even imagine how limited being on iOS is when you can't even switch your keyboard, or browser, etc. I mean ffs.. can you still not switch your stock ringtone? Do you still need a fucking PC to change RINGTONES?? I mean please.. someone, tell me that since my days on 3.1.2 they've allowed custom ringtones. xD go home apple you're drunk

  9. Apple doesn't copy android.If they put widgets in iOS,Google can sue them.iOS 7 is a good update.Even though u didn't get any Customizations,They changed the ios 7 design and made it much more flatter.You got everything other than widgets.What do you need more in iOS?.You got the new control center,u got the Airdrop feature and much more.

  10. because in reality, the grass where he was wasn't that green, and the sky wasn't as blue. The HTC One was better because the goal of a camera is to produce an as accurate to real life picture as possible. The iPhone may have made it look more vibrant, but it was inaccurate.

  11. Well, I really doubt that iOS 7 is going to change the software too much, or convince anyone to switch from android. The major differences are purely asthetic, and even with iOS 7, you still don't get widgets or even a fraction of the customizability you get on android.

  12. I think the Iphone 5 looked better in a lot of those pictures. The grass looked greener and nicer, the sky was more blue. Its like the HTC doesnt care for color at all and yet he's like "HTC is better" -_-

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