Best Apps for Pebble Time & Steel | What’s on my Pebble Time

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I’ve already done two other videos on Pebble Time including first-look and best watchfaces for the watch. Yet, I’m still uploading another one about it. This video showcases some of the apps that I have installed and use the most on my watch which includes apps from the Pebble Appstore, and the inbuilt apps itself.
Being compatible with both iOS and Android, it is one of the safest options to buy in case you switch between the two OS.

Video shot with the OnePlus One.

Weather -Ben Galaviz

Workmate -Keanu Lee

Twebble -Jorge Izuierdo

Compass -Pebble

Steps -Tomas Kafka

TVShow Time -Thibaut Rey

Tiny Bird -StuartHa

Kart -Matt Williams

Previous Video (Pebble Time Watchfaces):

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Video Before Previous Video (Pebble Time First Look):

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20 Comments on Best Apps for Pebble Time & Steel | What’s on my Pebble Time

  1. Nice video over all. I finally got my kickstarter Pebble Time Steal last week and am looking for good apps and watch faces to install on it. One suggestion which you might have fixed by now is auto focus lock. I'm not sure what camera you're using but setting the AF point and locking it there would help with the constant jitter caused by the camera refocusing.

  2. The video is pleasing and informative. The selection is interesting. I have some suggestions:
    Show more views from Kathmandu in the background. For us westerns, that was a cool touch. Looks like an interesting place.
    When displaying text, blur the background, choose a contrasting colors for the text & background and use a typography more suitable for reading with better kerning and spacing.

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