Best Android Phone Under $400, Battery Saving Tips, Snapdragon vs. MediaTek – Android Q&A

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Android Q&A – Join Jayce as he talks about the best Android phone under $400.00 for 2014, how to best optimize the life of your phon’es battery, and Qualcomms vs. MediaTek’s System on a Chip.

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Best Android smartphones of the year

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Our Best of CES 2014

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20 Comments on Best Android Phone Under $400, Battery Saving Tips, Snapdragon vs. MediaTek – Android Q&A

  1. Hi..just bought a mediatek which looks exactly like a Samsung S5 The thing is that when I switch it on the mediatek logo lights but after a second it dies. One thing have discovered is that if I press the on button together with tvolume button i get the following…:  select boot mode,
                      volume up to select,
                      recovery mode 1
                      fastboot   mode 1
                      normal      boot.
    Do you thing you can help please?

  2. As nearly everybody should know, Google fears Samsung becaus Google depends on Samsung regarding mobile phones, which gives Samsung a HUGE lever over google. With selling Motorolla Google hopes it can get a nother Large "foot to stand on"

  3. I believe Google sold Motorola to Lenovo because if Google produced higher end Android Smartphones via Motorola and sold it for a higher price tag [unlike the Moto X or the Moto G], they won't simply sell well. And Google maybe was not interested in spending a lot of money in building lower end handsets and selling them.

    Whereas Lenovo is not quite popular in the Smartphones market, and a brand like Motorola would help them boost their sales.

  4. Hi Android Authority,

    I'm hoping you could help me out. I am deliberating on purchase of a knew phone, after having dropped my Sony xperia active, that has now lost all connection to the memory card and  has a decreased battery life. I want something fairly durable, as I dropped it a couple of times outside, an quite a few times inside. I was thinking that maybe I would get a bigger one, so as to not have to buy a tablet. Or do you recommend buying a smaller and more durable phone and a tablet for overall increased lifespan? I don't have too much of a limit on price if it can mach acordingly in lifespan, at least 2 years, preferebly 3-4. I Mostly watch videos as the app feature or on a tablet write documents, and therefore I value god battery life. Hoping that you can help me solve trough the maze, thank you.

  5. google sold motorola so that they can focus on developing android OS without making other companies think that they are bias and to prevent samsung going over about creating their own UI…… and maybe that could be they reason why they will also stop developing nexus…

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