Beastgrip Pro hopes to tame phoneography

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This combination phone rig and Canon EF lens adapter hits Kickstarter.

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47 Comments on Beastgrip Pro hopes to tame phoneography

  1. I'm surprised at all of the negative comments coming from people who have never used the device. I have the original Beastgrip and loved it so much I sold my Canon EOS xti and kept the lenses. If all the +Beastgrip​ did was allow for better grip and a way to mount to a tripod/monopod it would have been worth it, but it did so much more. The Beastgrip​ Pro looks even better and the maker really listens to the consumer. This isn't a product for everyone, but I have yet to hear of anyone who purchased the original one not enjoying it. 

    Just because something is new/different doesn't make it "stupid". I believe the same comments were made at the advent of the camera phone, smart phone and phablet and yet each have become an integral part of society. Also, that oddity with the flipped image is an iOS thing, you won't have to deal with that on Android, Windows or other devices.

    If you don't want it, don't buy it, but you just look bitter and jaded bashing a product you've never had your hands on.

    Some great examples of the Beastgrip in action at +beastgripTV


  2. I don't really see the point in this. The iPhone already has a pretty awesome camera. It's not like low light performance is gonna improve or anything. Plus most people would be very puzzled when they see someone walking around with that in their hand. 

  3. Although I don't find this product to be on my radar, I thoroughly enjoy Grunin's reviews along with Dolcourt and Dong Ngo's and some of the PC reviewers.  Not a big fan of the CNET 'personalities' lately though

  4. I just dont get this, impractical, stupid, idiotic and moronic. Who the hell is going to carry this? Get a proper dslr…

    Who is stupid enough to make this or even take some time to make a video on this. 

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