Battlefield 1 unveiled, HTC to spin off Vive VR, Microsoft 3D touch on phones

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EA/DICE reveal the next Battlefield game, and it’s set in WW1; HTC considers spinning off their Vive VR business; Microsoft works on mid-air gestures for phones. Plus, Quick Bits!

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46 Comments on Battlefield 1 unveiled, HTC to spin off Vive VR, Microsoft 3D touch on phones

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  2. My old Samsung S4 allowed you to interact with the screen without touching it. Doesn't sound like that tech is that new to me. My S6 doesn't have it though, which was a bit disappointing.

  3. I think Battlefield 1 will be fun for a while but eventually get old like other Battlefields and Call of Duty. What the Battlefield community needs is a new Battlefield Bad Company.

  4. I'm not a COD player so I don't have a dog in the hunt….. , but as a loyal BF player WWI/BF1 is going to probably suck… I'm trying to hold judgment but if this is just some sort of console lead platform initiative then this will tank the community….

  5. they should make the main protagonist Hitler but only reveal it at the end so you see his mates die and grow all sympathetic for him and then its just a big ol mind fuck

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