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WTF is the best way to charge a lithium-ion battery? [applies to iphone 5/4S, galaxy s3, macbook pro, macbook air, chromebook, laptop, or any device with a lithium ion battery]

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27 Comments on Battery Tips and Tricks – Charging Lithium Challenge – PRO TECH TIPS 2

  1. I read online you should charge your phone if it is either below 40%-50% and charge it up to 80%. And yes it is okay to charge your phone few times a day. Do only 0-100% charges once a month only!

  2. I just got a new battery can u tell me how to charge it. I heard u need to charge it 8 hours for 2 Days. And let it completely die for the first 3 Days. Is this true??

  3. Hi…I use my macbook about 12-15 hours at a stretch on a daily basis. Now.. for a user like me, should I keep my laptop plugged in most of the time, or recharge it to 100% and then let it drain all the way down? If I follow the later way, then I guess I have to recharge-discharge my battery quiet a few times everyday. Is that bad or good? what is the optimum way to recharge my laptop battery? Please let me know.

  4. I just received my new lap top, HP 2000-2d49 WM. In the set-up guide it doesn't say how long to charge the battery for its initial charge, and wondered if you can advise me? As well, is it wise to wait for the battery to be fully charged before beginning the initial set-up on the lap top? Do you have any extra advice on how to treat the lap top battery while using it on a daily basis? How will I know when it needs charging? Is there a notification voice that comes on or a picture of the battery letting me know it needs a charge? Thank you in advance for all your assistance! Earl and Heidrun 🙂 🙂 

  5. Talk about " initial charge " many sites still say to plug in your device 5-6hrs before initial use. How why ?? If most li ion has a protective micro charging then it would do nothing leaving it plugged in an additional 5-6hrs.

  6. So your saying that continuous micro charging from leaving the electronic device on the charger does not wear the battery out? But instead actually prevents wear & tear from over charging? If I heard you correct then how do I know if I have a "good charger"?

    *I only use whatever charger comes with my electronic devices.

  7. You charge your phone until it says 100%. From 10% this is about 2hrs. Leaving it plugged in for 16hrs or longer than it takes does nothing. Micro charger stops your battery from charging when it reaches 100%. It kicks back on when it goes through its cycle and notices a depletion. Optimum battery fuction for lithium ion is 75% but realistically we like 100% but if you charge to 75% your phone will take about an hr to charge. When your phone says low battery plug in do so.

  8. how long should i charge my brand new mobile phone ? some people saying 16 hours and i know that's dinosaur from like 1998 or something when ni-cad and nikel batteries where used lol some are saying 8 hours and to me even that seems a bit overkill from my research it's more regular i see people saying between 4 – 6 hours but i wanted to double check what would you recommend ? it would be highly appreciated if you could get back to me asap as hopefully new phone arrives 2moro cheers 🙂

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