Battery Life Test Comparison Review! (watching youtube videos) Mate 8/Xplay 5 Elite/G5/HTC 10/P9

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Battery Life Test Comparison Review on the devices I haven’t done the test on yet. The Huawei Mate 8 with 4GB of RAM, the Vivo Xplay 5 Elite with 6GB of RAM, the LG G5, the HTC 10 and the Huawei P9 with 4GB of RAM. (Marshmallow 6.0/6.01)

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37 Comments on Battery Life Test Comparison Review! (watching youtube videos) Mate 8/Xplay 5 Elite/G5/HTC 10/P9

  1. Hello, I've enjoy watching all your videos. just found them a a few days ago. Very different from other reviewers. Anyway, i would like to know which firmware where you at on Note 4 and Note edge when you did this test .. Thanks

  2. i wounder how did huawei devices get such bad results
    i use the huawei mate 8 and i easly get over 7hours of daily use with screen on
    i think no device can match this device's battery !

  3. mmm…q el s7 dure más es entendible por la súper amoled, pero que el lg con pantalla ups 5,3" Qhd y bateria de 2800 mAh dure más que la Mate con paantalla ips fullhd y batería de 4000 mAh. No sé, le quita credibilidad aal análisis. No convence del todo.

  4. hah! see how the g5 crushes the phones with bigger batteries, some people comment about its 2800mah battery being inferior, but this test clearly shows it can hold its own! thanks for the test man!

  5. the p9 has shocked and disappointed me as huawei claim the p9 plus can get you 1.5 days of fairly heavy use from it but yet the p9 only last 4 hours and the p9 plus only has 400mhp more battery that the p9 so not sure hoe huawei work that out. but still nothing can beat the s7 edge battery as of yet.

  6. Yes, i subscribed nd will share ur video. ur videos r so helpful. Sir, actually im looking for a device with performance nd great battery life. perfect camera for day to day use nd also with durability… hope u will help me out.

  7. Yo I still don't understand how the LG g5 beat the HTC 10 the htc 10 has more like 200 more mah at 3000mah where as the lg g5 is at 2800mah and the lg g5 still beat the htc 10 wtf man.

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