Basic Hair Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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French Braid Instructions:

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  1. the beanie i found is my lifesaver for most situations i have messy hair, especially since im a swimmer and I cant take a shower at the pool, when my hair gets frizzy i just throw on a beanie and suddenly i look ok. Or those times im in a rush to go somewhere and I cant wet/wash my hair (it's EXTREMELY frizzy if i brushed it out dry).

  2. Yeah… These really aren't tricks. They're styles, and the buns really aren't original, everyone does those. And these are hard to do with my thick hair. These also don't seen like they would work for women with wavy or curly hair

  3. When you have a lot of hair (not thick just a lot of hair) that is really curly. It is pretty much impossible to do my hair in a bun or something else and have no hairs sticking out. And if I manage to not let them stick out by using a million bobbypins, they sure will half an hour later after I walked outside. The only way would be to straighten it but then it wouldn't be a fast hairstyle anymore.

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