1. i rob kings farms pillage over 234m resources every months and for most always always do this without a alliance that way they can't go around messing with any one all the attention will be on you

  2. one thing I've seen people do is get a 26 castle with good stats hospital capacity loaded with resources from looting . they just destroy farms looting and popping tiles, if they are hit they just heal and keep going being quick and elusive but just drain alliances and keep them bleeding ,

  3. In my kingdom it's american alliance vs Turks and Russians. we used to be allies but once they got strong they turned on us. they hate Americans because they are controlled by a Muslim extremist and he turned everyone against us. we took out the koreans because they were bullys. except for the best players who merged with the Turks. we had a guy dropping 100k into the game on the Russian side but eventually he has started the quit the game. p5 in like a month. lol. most of the Chinese and the Japanese are really nice people and we smashed them when we started the kingdom, but now we put our differences aside and teamed up. they even let me hide my farms in there territory to keep them from getting attacked. very nice people. so yeah Thats kingdom 75. I'm starkwolf. known in that kingdom. they all want a piece of me. lol 28 castle and good stats. hopefully get to 30 soon. I'm about to upgrade to 29. in the next week

  4. hi daydreams I'm in 1545 in 1 of your alliances and they are really nice people and good to talk to we are working on moving into the hive and we will be their soon I have been on it for just over 1 day and I have 50k power and I'm getting t3 troops now

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