AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: Tough as Nails!!!

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The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Active exclusively on AT&T comes packed with Military Grade Body (MIL STD-810G), Customizable Active Key, Shatter Resistant Screen & IP68 certified

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AT&T Galaxy S7 Active:

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19 Comments on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: Tough as Nails!!!

  1. Really do you thing its worth switching carriers(They are so consumer friendly) and paying an extra $200 when really you can buy and S7 and slap a very good case on it. I think not. I would of really hoped they would expand carriers over last year but I guess they truly don't even care at this point.

  2. Water resistant lmao i dropped the s6 active into a pool.. the speaker got fucked up and the charging port was filled with water and didnt charge for a day. Yea right samsung, yea right.

  3. IT's great and all, but I got a few comments as usual.

    Why is the camera hump still there? it's a thicker phone right?
    Lens accessory attachment, where are they? are they compatible with this? is there a case for the Active which will allow that lens to attach?

    $200 more for an exclusive device over the S7 that goes for around $600, that doesn't offer much more than a larger battery and ruggedness…it's kind of a waste imo. Buy an otterbox case for $40, and remove it if you want something more slim. Plus the resale value won't be as high as the normal S7's, you can't exactly put the active in a case now so by the end, if one wants to sell it… it won't look pretty lol.

    I dunno, I'm sure there's a need for it somewhere, but anyone who values their spending and knows a thing or two, could get a better value by going for an S7 and slap a case on it. Also why didn't they just make it water proof? there's less of a reason to pick it over the S7 now since's water resistant heh.

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