Asphalt 8 Airborne tips and tricks!

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21 Comments on Asphalt 8 Airborne tips and tricks!

  1. use drift so you dont keep crashing if you use drift and your opeenant doesnt and your oppeneant uses the shortcut for a 10 lap race and you dont and you average the same speed you will win the drift is important half on the maps and races are called something drift use it you fucking dumbass

  2. At the very end 5:11 that is so NOT how you do it you should have taken that way he took it's another shortcut. Small, yes, but effective and at  the end, you should have used full power nitro (boost) since you won't need to save that half bar left for anything

  3. There's something called drifting ya know. Now about nitro…it's not a waste. If you have a full bar like you did at 4:24 then it would be a waste to pick up that nitro up ahead. A full bar doesn't grow larger until now there's extra tank no matter how many nitro pickups you pick up, it's still 1 bar that lasts the same and is exactly the same as powerful

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