Ask the Experts: iPhone Overtime

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In a special Ask the Experts: iPhone Overtime edition, CNET’s Jeff Bakalar sits down with Scott Stein to answer iPhone 6 and 6 Plus questions — all taken from CNET readers.

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  1. Sorry, but the interviewer throughout this video was so unprofessional and childish. Some people might find it disrespectful or rude to talk the way he did sometimes. I'm disappointed with CNET on this video… 

  2. Android authority did a drop test on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The best result of any drop test so far 😀 it was very impressive. I'm still holding out for what the Nexus 6 will offer since the new Moto X looks awesome but it was just a bit short of what my target phone is. The iPhone 6s (not 6S) looks like a beta version of their next phone so I think I'll hold off for now and just keep my 5S or change to some awesome new android phone because Android L looks amazing. 

  3. locked nfc
    cam still 8mp
    processor still lower speed than sammy
    added keyboard idea from andriod
    battery life? non removeable battery still
    apply pay.. japan been doing it for years
    display pixels .. less than sammy

    yeaah!!the new ouch-phone and i dont blame scott.. he was a sucker for that pebble junk too. i think cnet is doing it just to get viewers. sounds like fox tv.

    apple is out of ideas now.. its time to immitate andriod and pretend people dont know.


  4. I pre-ordered the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, it's coming tomorrow (right on launch day!) I realized that I already use two hands most of the time even on my iPhone 5S. Also, I don't make that many phone calls! I'm more likely to be browsing the web, texting, watching YouTube, playing Music, checking FaceBook, or using Maps for navigation in the car. And when I do make calls, I almost always use the stock EarPods anyway (in one ear with the mic dangling near my mouth.) 

  5. I wouldn't trade in my old HTC one m7 with iPhone 6. Even if I got it for free.. with HTC one m8 I would trade in a heartbeat.. iPhone 6 specs are disappointing in always every aspect.. the cpu/gpu is only ranked nr 18 in benchmarks. Barely beating the old iPhone 5s.. mono speaker, only 720p screen, no ir blaster, limited nfc capabilities, no buildt in upnp/dnla support.. 

  6. Great show guys. Had me cracking up and I learned some things. I dig the vibe you two have together so I would love a weekly show with the two of you personally. Cheers.

  7. So basically the iPhone 6 is just a bigger iPhone with huge bezels, slippery and uncomfortable to hold, has a low resolution screen, camera is about the same, charging takes for ever and the battery still sucks. But I still want one!

  8. I can't thank you guys enough for doing this video. Real in-depth, detailed, and clear about the plus and minuses of each device. This really helped me decide which model I'm going to get. 

  9. Definitely like this type of a show. But… maybe Jeff could quit hating on the iPhone so much. Some people are actually excited about the bigger screens. I know I am. I'm going from a galaxy note 3 to an iPhone 6 plus. So I'll be right at home with it. And, I like that the over all size "towers" the note 3 in size. Lol

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