Artificial Intelligence will make further sense after reading these two books, according to Bill Gates

Artificial Intelligence will make further sense after reading these two books, according to Bill Gates

How much do we really know about artificial intelligence and to what extent is this 21st-century concept going to expand? If you’re out on the hunt for gathering insightful knowledge related to this and ready to invest some time for gathering knowledge first-hand, these two books are definitely going to be your food for thought, according to Bill Gates.

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The world’s richest entrepreneur is also a voracious reader capable of reading 50 books a year, given the following statement at a Code Conference that took place on the 1st of June 2016.

 “It’s the Holy Grail, it’s the big dream that anybody who’s ever been in computer science has been thinking about.”

According to Melinda Gates his wife, who also believes that her husband is currently focusing his attention on artificial intelligence (AI).

 “I can always tell what’s on his mind by what’s in his bag of books, and there have been a lot of AI books.”

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The two books are “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom and “The Master Algorithm” by Pedro Domingos.

The latter book was published last year that primarily provides education to those who want to understand the basics of machine learning. What is humanity really seeking for utilizing these highly advanced and sophisticated AI gadgets, which will carve our paths to our future?




The author of this book has written:

“If it exists, the Master Algorithm can derive all knowledge in the world—past, present, and future—from data. Inventing it would be one of the greatest advances in the history of science.”

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After Elon Musk completed reading Superintelligence, he was highly concerned about the possibility of AI to conquer the minds of humans. A letter was written after this mentioning his concern, also signed by Bostrom, Stephen Hawking, and a few more highly inspirational icons the world has seen so far. It’s truly astonishing after finding out Gates’s refusal to sign the letter; however, he also expressed his concerns on this topic.

Learn computer programming from these books.

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