Apps install (much) faster on Android N

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Video: Apps Install (Much) Faster On Android N

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37 Comments on Apps install (much) faster on Android N

  1. Author don't have any idea about what he is talking about !!!!
    just-time-compiler was previously in dalvik, and one of advantages of ART was changing from just-in-time compiler to ahead-of-time compiler.
    ahead-of-time compiler – installs app slower, but this time is saved during app working time – so AOT installs apps slower, runs apps faster,
    just-in-time compiler – instals app faster, but app works slower because needed compilations are done during app working time – so JIT instals apps faster, runs apps slower

  2. i didn't understand one thing. When we had android 4.4 kitkat we had the 2 compilers to chose (ART and JIT) and the ART was better in performance. Nowadays JIT is better? How is it possible?

  3. Guys, your S7 is completely borked. Seriously. I just tested it on my unlocked S7 (SM-930F) and Facebook installed in just 53 seconds and Facebook Messenger in 25 seconds. You have a broken S7. Either that or the Exynos 8890 is THAT much faster than the Snapdragon 820!

  4. This is nonsense videos O_o my Letv x600 with lolipop , Mediatek heli x10 8×2.0 and 3 GB framework Facebook after uninstalling and cleaning all the junk after it installs in 15.8 seconds and the Messenger in 8 seconds. There is no option in the s7 installs 13 times longer . Something is wrong when my Letv x600 in antutu reaches the 57 000 points and s7 reaches 120 000 points : |

  5. Finally a channel that can show us more technical side of Android …not just reviews(first look,unboxing,first 48 hours,quick review,long review,second review,compare…seriously how many types of reviews they can invent).And tons and tons of app reviews…AP is something different for all those people in love with Android.GO now give us more N inside stuff(that other channels will for sure copy after this). <3 AP

  6. Great video. Please make more short, single-feature videos, because if I see videos that talk about a lot, but I think I'll already know half the info, I won't watch. That said, a place to find them all and be sure I've seen them all would be useful. Something like how on AndroidPolice you can view all posts on Android N new features, it would be nice to have a separate but similar thing just for videos.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Mark WTF dude??? What you doing over here??? I mean you do have alot of fans at TechnoBuffalo maybe you should at least let us no why the jump ship??? Just saying dude…

  8. I don't know if it's the laggwiz or you've just changed the cpu frequency and governor, but this movie is a total bullshit.
    I just did a test on my 2 years old, heavily modded xperia z2, and guess what. Facebook installed in 23 seconds on lollipop.

  9. There is definitely something going wrong in your comparison. I've tried it with Facebook on a S6 running marshmallow and it took a bit less than 1 minute and 30 seconds … including the download process.
    So my guess would be that either
    a) the fact that you used a sideloaded apk slowed it down so much because then the playstore/play services does a malware check
    b) you've activated the adaptive storage stuff on the s7 that's going around which slowed the whole device down because of the sd card
    c) there is even another malware scanning app installed but I doubt that you would use on of those so I guess it's a or b

  10. Just…no. Facebook installs in little over 1 minute on my Oneplus One with cyanogenmod 13 nightly (marshmallow). How do I know? Screen time-out is set to 30 seconds and I have to tap the screen twice to keep it on while it installs. Wtf is that S7 doing?

  11. And I thought my phone was broken because only Facebook has been taking terribly long to install in recent builds, sometimes even crashing the OS.

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