Apple’s Smart Battery Case is an answer to iPhone 6 and 6S low-battery woes

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There are plenty of batteries and battery cases for iPhones, but Apple’s own rubbery effort works with Lightning charge cables and packs enough juice to last a day or more.

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33 Comments on Apple’s Smart Battery Case is an answer to iPhone 6 and 6S low-battery woes

  1. I don't understand how come Apple would make such a ugly product. I'll never put it on my iPhone. I feel lucky to get myself the 40 bucks Maxboost battery case. It's more reasonable price, looks much better than this one and lasts longer. Maxboost even invite me to test out their products through VIPU program, I'm really happy about it.

  2. u know what … isheeps will buy any crap with an epal logo on it.. no matter how crap epal product is isheeps will always be hepi, thankful, grateful to the epal company..

  3. Apple Keyboard, Apple Pencil, Majic Mouse 2, and this case are all evidence that Jony Ive left the building… Apple's design has been bad lately especially this case! Majic mouse: Charger on bottom, Apple Pencil: Name and cap that you can easily loose, Apple Keyboard: letters disappear within a few months of usage, and now This case: battery tumor

  4. Others cost 60 to 100 anyway? Are you being serious right now? Ones that cost 100 bucks come with much bigger battery than Apple's. Come on. You can't justify Apple's ridiculous pricing like this

  5. chop it in half, then chop it into a hundred pieces, then burn it, then bury it, after 200 years take it out, blast it with a nuke, then ship it to the sun. that thing is disgusting

  6. Oh dear Lord! What is that! I don't have an iPhone but I always carry a 10000Mah power pack in my bag and whip it out when it's needed – not just for use with my smartphone, but other gadgets too (and can charge two devices at the same time)

    This Apple battery Case (as with all other Apple products) are way too expensive for what it is. $99 for 1,877 mAh? No thanks! Save your money folks and buy a 3rd party power pack for a fraction of the price but with 5x more juice (and sleeker looking too. My powerpack is metallic red colonthree emoticon ).

    Side-thought: TBH I would have expected something a bit more…refined…from Apple? This looks like something that has hastily been made up and it just hasn't got that finesse to it like other Apple products. Imagine having a beautiful looking iPhone 6 (love the Rose Gold BTW) and admiring and cherishing it every day, then only to cover it up with this God-awful looking plastic rubbery case with a bulge.

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