Apple’s Proposed Dual Camera Interface for iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7 is rumored to include a dual camera, and Apple recently described in a patent how such a system might work.

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23 Comments on Apple’s Proposed Dual Camera Interface for iPhone 7

  1. Really?… If this is the new upgraded phone to come out with a dual camera system i'm not so impressed to buy it but if Apple gave us better battery life (and i mean like 2 -3 days real world usage), water resistant/waterproof and stereo speakers then i don't care about how thin it is or if stays the same thickness I would buy that phone.

  2. I bet the second camera is actually a 3D sensor. A miniaturized PrimeSense Capri 3D sensor which Apple acquired in 2013. This will better equip the iPhone for augmented reality content creation and consumption.

  3. The zooming dog example in the video is interesting. In order for it to work as shown then the second telephoto lens will need to articulate to mimic the selection of the wide lens.

  4. Prefer for single camera that has IOS with very very fast glass lenses f/1.2 and with the biggest sensor size they can put in a phone and don't look like a remote control

  5. I'm not sold on the dual camera, seems clunky and cumbersome. I like the camera now in that it's fast to open the app and take a shot, improve the sensor, don't add another one, IMO.

  6. I would want a smart phone that I don't have to charge every day. even though the photos from phones have improved drastically, they still are quite bad so photo/lenses is not something what I would consider important for a phone

  7. HTC One M8 did dual cameras some time ago, now when this comes out every teen will be like "OMG THE FIRST TIME PHONE WITH DOOL CAMERAS!!!" Without quite knowing that many phones have tried this already. I can only assume this will be around $800+ off contract, and the dual cameras will disappear soon, as did HTC's.

  8. Yeeeeppp, a static lens that moves around and lets you direct it elsewhere, riiight? I'm pretty sure it would be easier to add optical zoom than make lens move to around. Dual cam's use is more 3d-oriented, either allowing to add depth to the image or something like that (we all know how photos tend to look 'flat'), boosting overall quality. The idea with zooming and slo-mo while recording a game, all while looking at your phone, just to have the wide view of the field sounds like what broadcasts do, using a bunch of cameras controlled by a dozen of people. Who has the time to even refocus a video nowadays while maintaining that best, sweet spot while recording.

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