Apple’s New Patent Will Let The User To Get Their iPhone Handy!

Apple’s New Patent Will Let The User To Get Their iPhone Handy!

September is near and Apple has patented a new way how an iPhone can be used while being held, and naturally move interface components for ideal thumb reach. Utilizing your left hand? Catches move to one side. Is it accurate to say that your thumb can reach to the base right? Buttons could be there as well. As seen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Apple might think of having a perfect solution for the iPhone users who loves to do tasks in one hand. In addition, Apple says it can execute the component with the existing iPhone kit, which implies this kind of smart UI moving could basically be an update away!


Still, Apple says it’s thinking about specific equipment, for example, touch sensors on the body of the iPhone for additional precision, which would presumably be the better decision over the long run. Truth be told, Apple is thinking about comparative innovation for a future Apple Pencil as well, permitting it to sense things like the hinge or giving you a chance to confirm parameters utilizing multi-touch. Yes, multi-touch features can happen as Apple is thinking for the perfection of having a one-handed smartphone for the next title. So, can we think that Apple is removing it’s 4.7” iPhone and will replace it with the 5.1” instead?

Though I am not an Android guy with the flow of the larger display. But after this patent, this might seem familiar to me that Apple may introduce their first ever smartphone with the size of the latest Galaxy S7 Edge (5.5”/5.1”) to provide these features.


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