Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is big, bright, and beautiful

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The larger of the two new iPhone models offers better battery life and a better camera than the smaller, but is it too big for your lifestyle?

30 Comments on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is big, bright, and beautiful

  1. i have a question my does apple get to charge 299 for the iphone 6 plus even tho the htc one m8 has more ram and more faster than the 6 plus for 50 to 90 depending on your carrier on contract

  2. iPhone 6 Plus is really lackluster. The hardware took a step back IMO (iPhone 5 looks better), it's unwieldy and unlike the Note 4 it lacks productivity. 

  3. Can someone please answer my question? I pre ordered the iPhone 6 plus at target on the 13th will i still get it on the first day because i was the first one to order it from there? Or did 4 million sold include the in store iPhones and online or are just the online iPhone 6's out of stock?

  4. I can't say this enough – Apple is RIPPING PEOPLE OFF.  They continue to be one of the few smartphone manufacturers to handsomely overcharge for more storage space.  They can get away with this too, because deviously, they don't allow for a micro SD slot. 

    The 16GB 6 Plus model costs $299 and the 128GB costs $499.  You can pick up a 128GB micro SD card for $100.  You do the math.

  5. the iphone 6 4.7 got almost 2 days of battery life, the iphone 6 plus got one full day. bigger dosnt mean better, you gotta remember that the iphone 6 plus has a 1080p screen to render! 🙂 2 days on iphone 6 is perfect 

  6. I've gotten really annoyed with my note 3, sure it's powerful but it doesn't seem to really use the power that it has. And I'm really getting annoyed by the air gestures. Like who even uses that, and if you move your arm your phone does some stupid shit. Im getting the 6 plus, time to sell the note 3. 

  7. Everyone seems to hate that people like the iphone 6. Even if Samsung already made this a while back with the same specs, apple products are a nice alternative. Ive had both android and apple phones. I must say, its really just a preference on what you like. Trying to change everyone's views is just dumb. Apple has proven itself to be the more simple of the two to operate and customize. Androids arent for everyone. Also, specs do not result in the same experience.

  8. Let be honest Apple makes awesome general purpose phones. They look and feel really nice. You cant really compare Samsung note series phones to Apples new plus phone. It's like comparing a 4 X 4 pickup truck to a BMW sedan. The BMW is luxurious and drives smooth, has leather, etc, but you can't throw large or heavy objects in the back, pull a trailer, drive through the mud, etc. It all comes down to what you want to drive. They both excel in different areas. 

  9. Cnet isheep! How many damn times are you guys going to repost this stupid vid?! Crapple thinks they are the ones who created the damn 5.5 inch phone screen! Wake up you moronic izombies and smell what Samsung and other phone makers have been doing for years!

  10. My daughter is all excited about getting her iPhone 6 Plus!

    I have a Note3 but hey its all about choice and whatever makes you happy. I'm glad to see that Apple went the Phablet route; maybe if they did it earlier who knows maybe I wouldn't have made the change. Next Apple needs to allow widgets like the Android. 

  11. Apple sucks and it's the same shit bigger screen . Benchmarks already proved there isn't much difference between the 5s and the 6. You apple puppets go crazy over these over priced phones that limit what u can do with them. Idiots. 100 dollars more just for a few gigs more. 

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