Apple WWDC 2016 – What To Expect From The New Redesigned iOS 10!

Apple WWDC 2016 – What To Expect From The New Redesigned iOS 10!

Apple is planning to debut its iOS 10 or iOS X next week for the selected iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models in WWDC 2016. We don’t generally know what CEO Tim Cook and his programming team have arranged quite recently yet – possibly there will be clear changes, or perhaps Apple will be more moderate in its redesign. Apple has made its redesign on their first ever iOS 7 and since then we have found many ideas and concepts of the developers as well. To fill that gap, one artist recently created an iOS 10 concept that has some features that aren’t totally outlandish.


The idea, by iHelpBR, highlights a dimming mode (though Apple introduced the Night Shift mode on their last version of iOS 9.2.3) in iOS, including a dark and dim hue all throughout the working springboard of the display, which presently has an abundance of bright colors. You can perceive how especially satisfying this is to the eyes in spots like iMessage and email if you can just see those pictures below. Apple will release the iOS 10 beta for the developers to test it. However, we have had the split-screen display on iPad recently, the new iOS 10 design shows that this feature might get into the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus too. The iPhone’s screen may be a bit small for this feature but the android smartphones with 4.7-inch displays have been digging this formula for several years now.


Very precisely, Apple probably won’t introduce a dark mode or split-screen multitasking display for iPads or the next iPhone 7 or the iOS 10, but we can dream. Let’s see what we can expect from this WWDC 2016!


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