Apple will not shut down iTunes downloads & iPhone 7 design features revealed (AB EC, Ep. 37)

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Apple invests in a $1 billion Chinese car service, and the best iPhone might be coming in 2017.

36 Comments on Apple will not shut down iTunes downloads & iPhone 7 design features revealed (AB EC, Ep. 37)

  1. Society has to consider the fact that when or if we embrace driverless taxis, limos, semis, and maybe buses, delivery vehicles, etc. as well, there will be job losses because there will no longer be people driving those vehicles.

  2. I know the G-board keyboard works great but name sounds particularly difficult and cumbersome to access. I personally think a keyboard utility update such as this in an OS update would be most advantageous.

  3. Pretty simple solution to iTunes: Apple should just include a legit streaming service into Apple Music. I cannot emphasize the above statement more than this. It's pretty simple. Simply have a dependable streaming service which included downloads, which are already part of Apple Music.

    A little outside of the Box here: I also think it would be good for other services like Amazon Music, and Pandora to work together with Apple. Pandora, they could push each others products somehow. Amazon could supply the actual disc, Pandora, the Steaming Service and Apple Music the digital downloads. If you pay for an all together service for all three you can access all three: a hard copy disc, digital download, and ad free streaming service.

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  5. I miss the old school iTunes music where you could scroll through the music and it looked like cd covers. ya'll remember that? but I love my apple music. I can find everything. I would prefere however to have music that no one can take away. so good points for both sides.

  6. I still prefer downloading my own music files that I can listen to anytime/anywhere. Streaming music is only beneficial when your at home but will then need to use your 4G/data on the go if you want to listen to other music?

  7. paused it at 10:37, to say, that its kinda weird how my phone always says, turn on wifi to listen to all my music, when all my music is already in my phone, and even though I rarely buy music from itunes, if you can't buy any music, will itunes still be able to play music stored as usual, it would be weird if they said, nope, your 124gb phone is now useless you cannot play any music, like shooting your own foot

  8. Really love the Gboard keyboard. Want to see talk to text and force touch to navigate keyboard and make corrections added! it's already better than the stock keyboard but those two features will make it perfect.

  9. I love this channel and podcast, however I find it hilarious this is a professional studio with studio grade microphones but he ends up using Apple earbuds for headphones.

  10. I downloaded Gboard and it's awesome. I use the glide feature and it's more responsive than any other swipe-based keyboards. I was using Microsoft's Word Flow which is pretty awesome as well but I'm digging Gboard!

  11. how much you want to bet that they will only have a glove compartment supply of the dual camera iphone, and a semi truck load of the single camera lens iphone upon launch day

  12. I don't know why…but that peanut..peanut butter..jelly! Also, Rang true from my childhood too..Isn't that an 808 thing? From Mr. F. Delima? Hunna bata days..I jus sayin…

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