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– Microsoft halts Windows 10 Technical Preview availability for select Lumia models
– New Sony Xperia Z4 leaks claim new design, features, and launch date
– More iPad Pro leaks point to an additional USB Type-C port
– Apple Watch material could lead to a stronger iPhone
– Analysts predict 2.3M Apple Watch units preordered; Sport sold the most

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Microsoft’s halt of Windows 10 preview for smartphones due to a couple of significant bugs. Sony then takes the stage as the Xperia Z4 continues to be alive, and this time leaks point to new materials. Then we talk about the next iPhone, and how it might bring stronger materials in design. We end today’s show talking…

41 Comments on Apple Watch sells millions, Sony Xperia Z4 leaks, iPhone 7 materials & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Well I can say in Sweden most people haven't even heard of the apple watch or at LEAST they have no idea it's now out in stores (not yet in Sweden though). I'll have to agree with you Jamie, it's probably (sadly) true but I doubt they'll sell many more. Would be nice to see some numbers on the amount of returned watches haha

  2. The Apple Watch Edition may be an option in countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is effectively purchasing your death in high crime countries such as South Africa. The Apple Watch alone would make you a target, the gold one would be like speeding up the process.

  3. Just wait a few months and the sales on the apply watch will decrese by quite a bit as people will review and the majoraty will say that its a Total rip off. And trust me there are a lot of people who read review. Plus I never really like apply. There products r way 2 simple no there is nothing different between a nokia brick and an I phone. So thats u i picked up a s5 over the I phone 6 7 months ago. 

  4. $350~450 isn't that much money. People regularly pay $700-1000 for their phone so I can see many people buying an Apple Watch just for fun. Consider this, restaurant bills in Manhattan typically run $25-50 per person at normal restaurants. $350~450 isn't much.

  5. Wonder how many chinese died to produce that watch. But hey battery life is poor on a $10,000 watch? , for that price why not buy 10 moto 360's or g watch r's and charge them all so if one got drained then pickup the next watch. $10,000 battery life solved instead of buying just one that can only last for 5 hours or less. 

  6. We'll hey! The iPhone and the Apple Watch both have terrible battery life, but yet people still say it's better than a android phone or watch. Someone please explain lol!

  7. If the Z4 is all metal and similarly designed, awesome.

    If it's got a fingerprint scanner and rearranged buttons, nope, not buying. I'll never buy a phone with a stupid fp reader.

    All they need to do is make it metal backed, stay water proof, improve the camera software, keep the sd slot and improve the magnet connector. Of course with flagship level specs, but honestly I'm caring less lately than before because everything above the snapdragon 800 and 3gb ram is fast enough that unless it's in a Samsung then you won't see issues anytime soon. 

  8. I doubt Apple sold that many, but if it did I would not be that surprised.

    Personally, I was certain I wanted one when it was announced in September, but hesitated when I heard the price.
    Now, after having tested one in store, I decided I will not be getting one because the price is simply not worth it for the little it has to offer.

    If the price was anywhere between $150 and $200 I would've definitely purchased one.

  9. Sony Z4 which I'm waiting for won't be unveiled on April 20th. It's going to be revamped Z3. But I'm happy that Pocketnow daily talks about Xperia because it looks like Jaime usually doesn't pay attention to Xperia.

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