Apple Watch 2: Rumors & News (2015-16)

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The 2nd generation of the Apple Watch is coming in 2016 – here’s what we know so far about Apple’s 2nd-gen wearable!

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47 Comments on Apple Watch 2: Rumors & News (2015-16)

  1. I really rally want to get an Apple Watch, but I don't know if i should wait for the second generation, or just buy it. People say to wait because the first gen usually has a lot of issues.

  2. Will the new Apple Watch allow users to download audio books from iTunes, and listen to audio books using a wireless headset directly from the watch? Looking for the exact features Apple offered with the early versions of the iPod with a band? Further, is it likely that in September, the new Apple Watch will be water proof rather than water resistance?

  3. Increasing the battery life and accuracy of the heart rate sensors is all I really could ask for. Of course a built in gps would be nice, but I doubt that will happen with an apple watch (at least anytime soon).

  4. I think apple will cut their nose off despite their face if they bring out a 2nd generation i quite like the current design & consumers will turn away from the frustration of apple always upgrading such a premium priced product – seriously give it a few years at least.

  5. I'd like to see the watch have wifi so who ever has one can make and receive calls , text messages without the need to have there iPhone. Make the watch a standalone product like the Samsung gear s

  6. It's a piss take come on after you buy one for 500 quid I'm not gonna be too please to find out there's a better one I could've got by waiting a couple of months

  7. I like the form factor of the Apple Watch, I just with the screen was slightly larger. I prefer larger watches personally, and I think that a larger screen could accommodate a camera for FaceTime.

  8. The Apple Watch 2 gen is more likely to run Watch OS 3 because the current Apple Watch has that operating system. Also the Apple Watch 2 is given that name because of the s2 processor found inside.

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