Apple stops producing Thunderbolt Display

Apple stops producing Thunderbolt Display

Apple has decided to stop the production of the Thunderbolt Display. The monitor is still available in the American and Dutch Apple stores, but when current stocks end, they will not be sold anymore.

Incidentally, this is not directly a penalty because the Thunderbolt Display terms of specifications were already out for a while. The Thunderbolt Display was launched on July 20, 2011, as a successor to the Cinema Display. Since September 2011 there are no more updates made by Apple. The monitor features a 2560 x 1440 resolution, a pixel density that is already obsolete even by the 4- and 5K standards of recent Macs.

It is not clear if a successor to the Thunderbolt Display will come or not. However, the current high-end iMac models feature a display that includes a 5K resolution, it is suspected that over time Apple brings out a 5K monitor or even an 8K monitor. Some speculate that Apple holds an improved version of the monitor on hand, it will reveal at a later time. Some sources claim that the successor to the Thunderbolt Display would contain an integrated GPU.

It was hoped that Apple at WWDC might be dropping hints, which was not the case. The news will probably now have to wait until the next Apple event, where the company is ready to unveil the new iPhone. The rumor mill surrounding the Thunderbolt Display is nothing compared to the speculations about the next generation of Apple’s smartphone.


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