Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Review: Is It Worth It?

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Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Review. I’ve been using Apple’s new Smart Battery Case for two weeks, and in this video, we take a look at my overall opinions and final thoughts of the case. Is Apple’s latest accessory worth the money? ➠ Subscribe for more videos:

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29 Comments on Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Review: Is It Worth It?

  1. Hi, i just wanna ask, is a constant charging bad for the battery? What happen if your not using the battery case anymore? Is it going to degrade your iPhones internal battery? Because there is no On/Off switch so is it going to destroy your iPhones battery over time because it's always discharging your phone?

  2. You are the first video I seen that speaks about whether or not the case have a On and Off switch… Thank you i needed to know whether or not it had it otherwise is just weird charging your phone all day. thanks again for the info! ( your the first )

  3. even if you get used to the design and start to like it, problem is that all the other people will still hate it and bully the fuck outta you why you bought that ugly overpriced case.

  4. great review! glad to see you did an honest review on it and took your time to fool around with the case for a little. Any jailbreak related videos coming any time soon?

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