Apple Launching Apple TV Gaming, 3D Touch Controls Iphone 6s, and Exclusive Games

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29 Comments on Apple Launching Apple TV Gaming, 3D Touch Controls Iphone 6s, and Exclusive Games

  1. iPad – $99 Pencil
    iPhone 6S – New Processor, with jailbreak you can get 3D Touch most likely 😛

    well then America will hVe fun being brainwashed

  2. Apple is… to put it simply… a tax on people with poor judgement. You can buy a better product for half the price with some actual lifespan and utility. Apple is like Vauxhall: an expensive bad knock-off of things created by other brands. Except Vauxhall were cheaper Opels and Pontiacs…

  3. Please listen Proto Mario I have found supporting evidence for the Pokemon war. In X and Y when you meet professor sycamore he says in one part in vaniville town it was going to be the child of the veteran I know. This backs up the theory why not that many people have dads. Because of the war. Why do you think about . PleAse go through X and Y to this point.

  4. It's called 3d touch because think about it. If you press a touch screen and that takes your response that is a dot which is 1d if you slide a long an x and y axis that's 2d now you can press in that's on the z axis hence 3d

  5. Proto, here is your dollar. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. SO MUCH MUNAY!!!!!!!!

  6. this Apple device is so stupid I can't describe how useless this is, for starters it's price is to high and it copy of a Wii U , and it also seem like there's not any good games on either but I didn't look on the website so I don't really know what kind of games are going to have

  7. I'll tell you who this is aimed at, swag fags who think owning anything with a shiny apple on it makes them somehow superior to others 😛 Glorious Android master race!!

  8. Wow. Did you even watch the keynote? You got so many things wrong it's beyond laughable. Do you work for Fox News now?

    But beyond EVERYTHING you got wrong, the dumbest comment was calling Apple anti-consumer for having game exclusivities. I'm sorry, is Nintendo anti-consumer for not releasing Mario and Pokemon on other consoles? Is Sony evil for making The Last of Us exclusive to Playstation? Is Microsoft evil for making Halo exclusive to Xbox?

    Oh and I love how you claimed you predicted this when every blog and news outlet released info on it weeks before the apple keynote. "Oh hi I'm ProtoMario! I'm gonna say incorrect stuff and claim stuff other people said were just my ideas give me money!" Was that supposed to be funny or do you honestly believe all your viewers are dumb and have no idea about the world outside of your videos?

    I really wish you'd reply to this but something tells me you won't.

  9. Hey guys, I noticed Proto hasn't made 2 many poke theories recently, I mean don't get me wrong I like when he does stuff like this but like i just want to know what happened to the theories. So did he quit poke theories or is he just taking a break?

  10. The Apple TV isn't a console… It's a TV set top box. The games are WAY better than Amazon Fire or Roku. It's for consuming television shows. iPad Pro is for artists, musicians, designers, and professionals that need to be able to take it around easily and make quick adjustments to their work.

  11. and it's only $200 for the 64gb version as it says on the apple website why would you not look on apples web site that gives you ALL THE INFO YOU NEED DARN IT

  12. protomario did you even look on the apple website link that had had all of the detals about apples products from the web site becuse i find the links you looked for info for apple on are compltely unreliable for geting info on apple shacknews is NOT A GOOD WAY to get info on apple products if you knew how powerfule a iphone 6 was it would be like a smart phone sized wii u just with out the contorler and disk drive

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