Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S – Speed & Battery Test!

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Speed, Games & Battery test of New iPhone SE & 6S!
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26 Comments on Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S – Speed & Battery Test!

  1. I was a Samsung SIII user so far and I am about to get and Iphone. I am stuck on a puzzle of which one should I choose between 6S and SE. After the video I am really concidering to get the SE, mostly cause of the battery life. What do you think? Could I get used to it after the SIII?

  2. Hey guys. I am choosing between iPhone SE or the iPhone 6s. I am just a 12 year old kid so I really think I don't need a too expensive phone for my age. What do you think? iPhone 6s 16 gb or SE 64 gb?

  3. şu iphone se nin duvar kağıdı çok hoşuma gitti be türk gardaşlarım nerden bulabilirim:D bu arada se belki bi tık hızlıdır ama ekranın küçüklüğünden oda :D

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