Apple iPhone 7: Rumors

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In this video I take a quick look at a rumored iPhone 7 case and what it says about the design and changes coming with the iPhone 7.

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  1. +DetroitBORG Can you please tell us what smartphone is the best user friendly phone(LG,iPhone,Samsung…). And which is obvious, I don't have to ask you to do an in depth review.. LOL… Thanks

  2. Bitch wha? I was planning on waiting to get the 7 instead of the 6s and no 3.5 mm headphone jack? aw hell no, APPLE I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DO THE SAME TO THE IPADS AND MACBOOK AIRS (WHICH ARE GETTING THINNER AND THINNER EACH YEAR APPLE STAPH PLZ)

  3. I really miss Steve Jobs he believed in innovation and wowing everyone on Apple's products. Now that he is gone Apple has this ridiculous system on providing minor spec bumps on their boring products…

  4. I'm excited about the iPhone 7, but I'm also a bit concerned. Mostly about the headphone jack. Remember when Apple switched from 30-Pin to Lighting and everyone freaked out and a lot of people hated it, mostly cause their current chargers they used for all of their devices wouldn't work with this new one. But the 30-Pin connector was only used by Apple, while the standard 3.5 Millimeter headphone jack is used just about everywhere. Think about how crazy people are going to go then. I hope everyone gets why Apple is switching and understand the benefits.

  5. What I'm waiting for is a fully waterproof iPhone coz I have seen that some phones are already fully waterproof… Apple products are loosing to other phone products!!! I wish Apple products are as good as all the other!!!

  6. This was inspirational, please watch my videos and comment if you like them! I am always trying to produce videos as good as Mike's and have always valued his opinion on what phones I should buy.

  7. seems stupid to have lightning cable for audio, however if true would probably see a lighting cable to a 3.5mm jack female end, so all can plug in any form of headphones with out issue.

  8. Hello, Can you do a review about MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4. I have heard awesome things about it. I am excited to hear your opinions. Thanks

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