Apple iPhone 7 Rumor: No More Headphone Jack?

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There are quite a few rumors coming out for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 smartphone, speculating that there will be no more 3.5mm (1/8th inch) headphone jack. Instead, the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 will be integrated into the lightning smart connector. This will free up space within the iPhone 7, giving more room for a bigger screen or thinner body.
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28 Comments on Apple iPhone 7 Rumor: No More Headphone Jack?

  1. One thing i fear is that other companys like Samsung, etc..will copy this and remove the 3.5 jack too. I hope they will not be that stupid.

  2. You know I think this is evolution. We have to struggle an adaptation phase, but perhaps one day, all headphones will be using the Lightning connector (or another one). You have to start somewhere and to make some controversial changes to build the future.

  3. After this, they will introduce "AirDrop" based wireless headphones, which are (of course) proprietary products. The next thing you know,  they take away the Bluetooth functionality and say u have to buy the airdrop headphones cos there's nothing else. The iSheep will then fork out a couple hundred quid to buy the new headphones and will then be locked in the platform forever because none of their new stuff will work anything else.

  4. Why?because apple guys are stupid, don't we have 2.5mm jack as a standard too?
    I literally own dozens of 2.5mm headphones.

    Iphones are stupid. Locked-down os, very few software features, tons of features that they could have implemented without much difficulty, being overprized, too high of a profit margin. etc etc

  5. I'm personally not a fan of Apple products as a whole. I think this is the dumbest idea Apple has ever had as far as hardware goes. Joe's ideas of adapters for Lighting to 3.5mm mini stereo and 3.5mm to Lightning makes sense; however, Apple will overprice them just like their shitty earbuds. Personally, I think this is the downfall of the iPhone.

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