Apple iPhone 7 Launch Trailer

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The iPhone 7 is arguably the biggest tech launch of 2016, but it also looks set to be the most leaked. And now we appear to know the two biggest changes the new phone will bring, as well as its biggest disappointment…

Goodbye Headphone Jack
17 months ago my analysis of Apple developer rule changes concluded that Apple would ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone within the next two years. Numerous leaks have since corroborated this and Unbox’s video again backs this up.

The case not only lacks a dedicated headphone jack port, but no slot on the case can even fit the Apple headphone plug – it’s a no go. Furthermore the case backs up growing talk that it will be replaced by an all in one (music and charging) Lightning cable and dual speaker arrangement.

Major Camera Upgrade
Again, Unbox’s case ties in perfectly with a flurry of leaks that say Apple is working on a greatly upgraded camera for the iPhone 7. The case shows the camera slot has been enlarged dramatically for…

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