Apple iPhone 7 – A giant leap forward.

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The challenge to improve something that is already perfect. This is approach used to design the new Apple iPhone 7. We have enhanced every component of the device, adding a new level of control thank to Digital Crown with integrated Touch ID and Sense Button.

New incredible iPhone design by Antonio De Rosa ( Video by Ran Avni ).

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  1. Ok, I know this is a concept video, but seriously, the digital crown on the iPhone? Absolutely laughable! You can tell that whoever created this just slapped the crown on the side of the phone simply because it's a new piece of hardware Apple came out with this year.

  2. It's not a fake but IT IS A CONCEPT…. That means it can change even 1000 times before it's officialy released.
    Some people…. My God…. Why you gave a brain to so many when so few know how to use it ???

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