Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – Speed Test / Benchmarks

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Here is our full speed test & benchmarks between the Apple iPhone 6s & the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the iPhone 6s:

Watch Battery Life Comparison:

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Watch 4K Camera Comparison:

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43 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – Speed Test / Benchmarks

  1. don blame samsung hardware .. ios is designed for smooth functioning of os .. but the sasung touchwiz generally not that much stables os ! exynos 7420 is way better than apple a9

  2. hey, you, Apple fanboys not Samsung Fault, oS problem….android is optimized like hell…..what if u can use IOS 9 on Galaxy S6? i think if they put IOS on a Samsung 6s would be a MONSTER, blame OS not Apple or Samsung, os make the diference…… IOS = Linux, ANDROID = Windows!

  3. I'm honestly annoyed by the fact phone reviewers would dare compare any iPhone to a Samsung phone, for example reviewers has post many battles between the IPhone6/s and the Samsung s6/edge. how is it possible to benchmark screens that are not even on the same resolution? that's like saying let the baby pick up a toy and let a body builder pick up a 500kg weight. so obviously the baby would pick up a toy fast duh. the iPhone 6 rocks a resolution that is twice as less that you get on the Samsung s6. now if it were to be fair benchmark say. ANTUTU benchmark allows phones to have a custom resolution or if the Samsung s6 had the same resolution as the iPhone the results will be so much that it will put iPhone performance to shame. so anyone who really believes iPhone ever stood a chance against a Samsung phone in performance are deluded for sure. my Samsung galaxy s6 already scores 67537 in ANTUTU benchmarks so I would imagine if it had the same resolution as the iPhone 6 it would probably reach over 100000 in ANTUTU benchmarks. here is literal proof what happens when you lower the resolution in a phone that is already high powered.—we-got-superb-performance-and-negligible-battery-life-increases_id65982 I agree that IOS is a better operating system because it uses less RAM etc. but do not ever compare performances of a phone that does not have the same resolution or that can't be set when doing a benchmark.

  4. it's funny reading all these comments about Apple fanboys."Apple is better anyway" "apples the best" when your forgetting Apple never really invented anything themselves. also you have to consider Android is a more powerful operating system, the s6 has a higher resolution screen, put the s6 with the same screen the iPhone has and in the same operating, who wins then. That's right Samsung.

  5. U said u didnt notice a difference while opening apps from multitasking..u can see clearly that while opening netflix or twitter second time from multitasking app samsung reloaded that and i phone didnt and even then ….i phone is using a dual core and 2 gb ram specs beating the shit out of samsung….which are octa core gpu..mostly single core scores are always taken into account where i phone smokes samsung… no doubt samsung have good build quality but seriously samsung should learn from apple…..

  6. ma che simpatici questi test effettuati da idioti melafonisti che fanno test veramente non reali per favorire apple…. specie iphogne 6s uscito ieri vs Samsung non aggiornato e con os 5.0.2 che e uscito prima dell'estate ha ha ha ha ….. ma a che pensano quando fanno questi video che siamo tutti idioti?? si vede chiaramente un ios ultimo aggiornato a dopodomani e un Samsung con os 5.0.2 (che ha un mare di bug specie di task che sono stati risolti con la versione 5.1.1) con ultimo aggiornamento che risale a natale scorso ha ha ha guardate nel test 3dmark al minuto "3:37" la versione del Samsung….. si vede lontano un chilometro che il tizio è di parte apple e fa partire i test prima all' iphogne!!!!!!

  7. As an iPhone user, i'd say that Samsung phones are great, but the open-sourceness of Android drags them down.
    If Samsung managed to improve the optimization between hardware and the OS, the improvements would be gigantic.

  8. android is a joke? try downloading a torrent or 3rd party apk.file on a iphone. even customized icons and themes through the the system needs to be jailbreaking before being able to do so. so big deal.this test is not a big deal for me or pretty much any android user.the note 5 is a fast phone.although samsung should have better ram management! that is not a android problem! it's stupid samsung. I phones over the years.until I left to android and will never look much more you can do with the android Os.its more like a real operating system much like a windows pc.for us power users we prefer something something that gives us more flexibility with much more customizations ask anyone who wants a new phone .they will suggest apple because it's easier to get around.easier because there is much less .I mean look at apples crappy stock camera app for example.hardly any functionality as compared to the note 5 or any other android device.try changing your dialer on Apple or default messaging app or how about different launchers with custom gesture inputs .voice control for your camera! built right into the camera app.! my friend seen me downloading a movie torrent on my note 5 .said hey can I do that too!sorry bro you got apple! rest my case.

  9. Their both good phones both have good hardware both scored higher in particular apps. But… Considering the fact that the i6s was released months after the edge… Shouldn't that phone be a lot better? because judging from the scores they look the same and it won't be long before Samsung releases another model with higher specs.

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