Apple iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review

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Berj of Technibility unboxes and reviews the Apple iPhone 6s and quickly compares it to the iPhone 6s Plus! Stay tuned for comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and Edge Plus, LG G4, 6 Plus and more!

iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing and Review –

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37 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review

  1. If I had an iPhone 6S, the first thing I would do is check if it is running either by samsung or TSMC chip. If it was samsung I would go to Apple Store and ask for new phone :D

  2. Hello dear , I translated yours video on Russian and want to post it on my channel with link to your channel, if you don't like it , i will not post video to my channel. Please ANSWER.I hope you don`t against it.Plese )

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