Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case Unboxing and Review! [Charcoal Gray and White]

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Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S Unboxing and Review

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23 Comments on Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case Unboxing and Review! [Charcoal Gray and White]

  1. Hi, i just wanna ask, is a constant charging bad for the battery? What happen if your not using the battery case anymore? Is it going to degrade your iPhones internal battery? Because there is no On/Off switch so is it going to destroy your iPhones battery over time because it's always discharging your phone?

  2. am i the only one who like the way it looks…. but it does suck that you cant turn the case off if you want to save the extra battery for later

  3. Got one a week ago, couldn't be happier with it…and as far as the "bump", I actually think its pretty cool. Have actually gotten people asking me where can they get one.on my daily train commute to work. Shows how much you reviewers really know and research these things…

  4. 1. iPhone 6 and 6S have good battery life according to AnandTech. The existence of a battery case does not mean that a phone has poor battery life. All phones have battery cases. 2. Only the Apple battery case has the Lightning connector. Only needing one charging cable is very convenient. 3. The case as mentioned is very slim top and bottom (more than other battery cases) which some people would consider a desired feature. 4. Price; it's Apple.

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