Apple iPhone 6s Review – It’s as Good as They Say!

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The iPhone 6s is TRULY a beast of a phone. Watch to find out why…

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34 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Review – It’s as Good as They Say!

  1. LG G2 mini lasted me about one year until it started slowing down. Now it's about 2 years and it can't even handle facebook messenger (I have like 5 apps downloaded total) + a memory leak problem and no updates to fix it. If iPhone 6s will last me twice as much while running smoothly, the price is totaly justified. After all my life with android, I am sick and tired and it's time to switch.

  2. For me, the "hate" towards apple is not really because they don't "innovate". To be honest, smartphones nowadays are overkill. They have reached their plateau, so like Linus said, if it's not meaningful, why bother introduce a feature that only a select few will use?
    Which leads me to reasons why I dislike Apple. It's also contradiction to what I said about smartphones reaching a plateau. The software has reached a plateau IMO, but as for the battery. It sucks. Yes, Apple. The battery sucks. To make it worse, you made the phones thinner reducing the battery size. Genius.
    The other reason I dislike Apple as a company is because they have a 16gb base model for the iPhone. Really? That's like holding up a middle finger in your face. The cost difference between a 16gb and 32gb is probably a few dollars and yet, you do this to force us to buy the $100 more expensive 64gb model. Extortion.

  3. The battery life on the 6s plus is the best on the market currently. Every review out there always stress the phone is no better when using it to the max which is true. But this phone doesn't have battery leak down when not in use. U could have 60% life leave your un used for 5 hours come back and still have 60%. That is what true battery life is with current tech

  4. ive dropped my iphone 4 in water and it did well…but imo the 3gs is the ultimate iphone. The 4 and 4s were much less durable, the 4 in particular had a ton of problems even though it did cement what we know as the modern smartphone. I would run a 3gs again honestly, if not for the fact that I want to run current apps and use modern micro cameras. I'm going for the z5 compact. 3gs for lief tho

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