Apple iPhone 6S Review [Honest Review]

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Apple iPhone 6s Honest iPhone Review
This Review of the iPhone 6s lacks Apple Fanboy bias and addresses the iPhone 6s issues and flaws plus its great features.

The New iPhone 6s is an amazing camera and I love the new features from the 4K video capability to the new 3D touch. The iPhone 6s is also one of the best camera experiences for photography I’ve ever had in a phone.

In this review I cover everything from batter life to touch ID to what the phone actually feels like day to day and show you samples of the photography and video I shot with it.

The iPhone 6s is one of the best smartphones of 2015 and I’m very happy to share my thoughts on it with you.

That doesn’t mean the iPhone 6s doesn’t have it’s issues though… as I explain in my review.

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33 Comments on Apple iPhone 6S Review [Honest Review]

  1. Wow I just love your videos!! Every single one is such incredibly high quality, great commentary, and video!! I love it!! Also, good review, very informative as always!! I've been recommending your channel to many of my fellow youtubers, as you have so many great vids to help other youtubers!!

  2. I-Phone 6s is ZZZZzzzzz….I-Phones are so overated & played out. Android is where it's at. They just now have a 12 megapixel camera…lol I had that 2 years ago on my Galaxy S4. Now even my Note 4 which is 1 year old has a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization & 4k shooting is available and my screen resolution is 2k. Apple is so slow and far behind :(

  3. Hey man!!!

    Question for ya lol do you think a speced out Mac mini ~$1,800 CAD. Is worth it for using motion 5, Final Cut Pro & Affinity Photo/Designer?

    Thanks in advance! I don't wanna spend $3,500 on a Mac Pro I am not that big of a power user..

  4. Omg thanks for this review! I'm actually searching for a lot of reviews since last week because I'm gonna buy one tomorrow. Now I'm decided to go for the 64gb.. ?

  5. I'm sorry but it seams like your review is on iPhone 5 idk but love it over all just don't get why did you say new thing is that headphones Jack is down when is like that since 2012 no hate

  6. Well done for this video man, I ended up going with the 64GB too by the way 🙂 yeah I definatly needed it lol I had 10GB just music lol. Oh yeah did you get tempted glass in the end? if not you really should, its about £2.50 on the internet and is really protective

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