Apple iPhone 6s Review: 6 Months Later!

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Apple iPhone 6s Review: This has been my only phone for the last 6 months. Here’s what I think of it.
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The iPhone 6s was released in September 2015. Compared to the iPhone 6 it has double the RAM, new A9 processor, improved GPU, better cameras, stronger display glass, and a stronger aluminum exterior. The iPhone 6s looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6. However, the iPhone 6s is slightly thicker and heavier due to the new 7000-series alloy back which is stronger but also slicker. Due to how slick it is I recommend keeping a case on it. My favorite is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. Good news is that since the design is practically the same, most iPhone 6 cases will fit the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s has the same 4.7″ 1334×750 IPS display as the iPhone 6, but it does have a stronger glass for added protection. The…

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  1. Apple is a GREEDY company that loves money more than its customers.
    I bet Tim Cook and Jonnie Ive swim in $100 notes in their mansions.

  2. I have the iPhone 6s Plus and so far so good it's amazing. The stand by time is insane meaning if I don't you my phone for an hour it will drop by only 1%. As a result I always leave my phone charger at home when I go to work because usually when I get off of work my phone is at 60%

  3. Great video. You hit the nail on the head.
    I love iOS but I hate the company. the 16GB base model is such a blatant tactic that forces you to buy the 64gb, so they can take more money from you. And why do iPhones have to become thinner every time? Make a little thicker and give me a bigger battery you iDiot.

  4. hey, I have a question. so I'm going to upgrade phones very soon. I've used both android and iPhone before, and I'm torn between getting the s7 edge or the 6s+. main things I'm looking for is battery life, a fast phone with a nice looking operating system, and a phone that takes stunning photos. anyone out there tell me what you think. Personally, I'm leaning towards iphone, but I want to hear what other people are saying about it. 6s+ users, what do you love and what do you hate about your phone? s7 edge users: what do you love and hate? please help make a decision because I'm having a hard time making one for myself.

  5. I have a iphone 6s+ that I bought at launch. Have used a case that covers the back the whole time and it kind of protects the screen to since it sticks out a bit. Never dropped it or anything and it's scratched up on the screen and mostly on the white parts above and below the screen. The screen on 6s is garbage. Worst since iphone 4 (had all iphones)

  6. iphone becoming thinner and thinner every year. its not a kind of creation or revolution any more. i think iphone is thin enough. unexpectedly, sacrificed earphone jack to become more thinner, that is really stupid decision. the thickness is already hard to hold now. people have to use cases to help holding. ridiculous.

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